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Discovery Drilling INC

Meeting the logistical, environmental, and geological challenges of Alaska head on, our highly experienced drill crews are supported 24/7 by our Anchorage based Operations and Management Team.

From Anchorage to the most remote locations the State has to offer, there aren't many places in Alaska we haven't drilled. With our ever expanding equipment fleet, we have the right tool for the job. Let us put our geological knowledge and technical expertise to work for you. Check out the links below for more information.

Safe, efficient, Quality service & Support. 

We have a vast fleet of drills and ancillary equipment to match our clients' needs. From large, powerful machines, to smaller, limited access drills, we have the right drill for your project.

Your boy Soni decontaminating augers in style...

It is unacceptable for a drill crew in the field to need support and not be able to contact anyone back at home base. Our Operations and Management Staff are always available to answer the call.

​Derek and Jason using a helicopter to assemble our CME-45 from the air!

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