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Geotechnical Drilling Services:

We provide a myriad of drilling services to assist our Client's with the collection of quality subsurface samples. The majority of our drills are equipped with auto hammers capable of driving standard 1.5" SPT split spoons with a 140# weight. We can also run larger, 3.0" split spoons with a 340# hammer when subsurface materials are of a larger variety. We typically collect samples by advancing 3-1/4" ID hollow stem augers, and routinely advance to depths of 100+ feet below grade. We also run various other methods when hollow stem augers are not feasible, such as casing advancers (ODEX) and driven casing advanced via rotary wash. We stock a large variety of sampling equipment other than split spoons as well; Shelby tubes, CME continuous, and direct push tooling are just a few examples.

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Alaska's Remote Geotechnical and Environmental Drilling Specialists.

Environmental Drilling Services:

We field a variety of tooling options to assist with environmental sampling. Our Clients routinely request one of our many direct push options to minimize the amount of IDW generated during drilling procedures. We carry the majority of Geoprobe's direct push tooling options and discrete water sampling equipment as well. If direct push is not an option due to subsurface geology, we commonly advance 4-1/4" hollow stem augers for environmental soil sampling. This larger annulus allows for the quality installation of groundwater monitoring wells at borehole completion. Direct push wells are also an option in geologically appropriate regions. We also maintain decontamination trailers when equipment decon is required in the field.


We are well versed in the installation of multiple types to down-hole instrumentation. Although not all inclusive, the below is a list of commonly installed instruments:

- Groundwater Monitoring Wells  

- Piezometers
- Thermistors  

- Inclinometers
- Vapor Probes
- Air Sparge Wells

Support Services:

We have a lot of equipment available to assist with many different types of jobs. Our multiple boom trucks are commonly used for moving and hauling 55 gallon drums and/or supersacks. We also maintain a variety of pumps, generators, forklifts, and welders to name a few.

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